Gumutindo Visit 2015

At the end of January 2015 the EATFAIR team embarked on their annual trip to Uganda, revisiting the farmers that EATFAIR are supporting. The team returned to Gumutindo Co-Operative and its primary societies following their first trip to the Co-Operative in 2014, enabling the team to see the impact that the EATFAIR projects are having within the community.

In 2014 the team met some of the Gumutindo primary societies and were shown how the savings scheme and Send a Cow scheme had been implemented; the team were also introduced to the Gender Action Learning System (GALS).

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Where are we on EATFAIR’s vision journey?

With the help of you, our consumers, almost 2,000 farmers have learnt about sustainable farming, including how to deal with erosion and adapt to climate change.

So far your support has helped introduce 52 cows into the Co-Operative through the Send a Cow scheme. The GALS initiative has also been implemented within other areas of Gumutindo, helping to create gender equality within the local communities.

The EATFAIR team understands that it would be impossible for every one of EATFAIR’s supporters to visit Gumutindo Co-Operative, therefore the team have created a video to bring the EATFAIR journey to you.

Fairtrade Fortnight

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Fairtrade Fortnight

Gender Action Learning System (GALS)

Gender Action Learning System

An empowerment programme that transforms and enhances gender relations.

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Send A Cow

Send A Cow

The Send a Cow project provides families with livestock and training in natural organic farming practices.

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