Fairtrade Fortnight 2014

Smile for Fairtrade Fortnight

EATFAIR celebrated Fairtrade Fortnight 2014 by sending smiles across the globe.

We encouraged everyone who purchased an EATFAIR item to Tweet a picture of themselves enjoying their treat to @EATFAIR.

For every smile received, we committed to funding more money towards cows for Ugandan farmers as part of the Send A Cow project.

Fairtrade Fortnight
Fairtrade Fortnight

Make bananas fair

Here at EATFAIR, we’re 100% dedicated to Fairtrade – and we’re backing a very important campaign to make banana production fair for farmers and workers across the globe.

Stick with Foncho, a Columbian banana farmer and campaign hero. All Compass bananas are Fairtrade, but we want to spread the message wider – join us!

Show your solidarity at stickwithfoncho.org.uk, and add your face to the campaign.

Fairtrade Fortnight