Send a cow

The Send a Cow project provides families in the Co-Operative with livestock along with training in natural organic farming practices. This ensures that they, and the rest of the Co-Operative, get the most benefits from the cow. The cow helps the Co-Operative in the following ways:

Furthermore, the Send a Cow project provides farmers with training on organic agriculture, animal husbandry, family health and nutrition.

Beatrice is one of the farmers who has received a cow through the project. During Fairtrade Fortnight 2014 EATFAIR ran the "Smile and Beatrice smiles with you" campaign to help fund more cows for the Co-Operative. The team met Beatrice who explained how the project has benefitted her family, how she’s become more confident and assertive and how she is now the event treasurer of her group.

"From my cow – I get eight litres of milk per day. I sell three litres for cash, two litres are for my children and my calf takes three litres. Receiving a cow has helped teach my children about nutrition and we are also benefiting from milk, cash and growing and selling vegetables. My children can go to private school with the little extra money that I earn from my cow; this is the main thing I have succeeded with."

Beatrice and her family
Beatrice selling vegatables

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