EATFAIR is already busy helping farmers in Western Uganda’s Semliki co-operative take the first steps to providing Fairtrade Single Origin coffee.

It’s our first EATFAIR project, enabling Ugandan growers to secure sustainable incomes for their futures.

Our funds are helping the co-operative improve the quality of their coffee so they can command a price premium. As well as receiving seeds and tools, farmers get expert training to help nourish themselves, their families and their businesses, plus on-site technical support and invaluable UK market insight.

Growers are already encouraged to conduct first stage sorting at microstations to improve their coffee quality. Now the EATFAIR team has visited four producer groups to understand how new cupping lab equipment, funded by EATFAIR, will further benefit the co-operative.

These funds, combined with the recruitment of a local cupping specialist, will mean EATFAIR can help the co-operative develop from producing only industrial grade coffee to specialist single origin coffee.

There’s a long but exciting journey ahead. EATFAIR is now working to help the co-operative gain Fairtrade status by the end of the year, and bring Semliki coffee to UK customers soon.

Remember, the more you treat yourself, the more money goes to supporting EATFAIR projects like these.

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