Gender Action Learning System (GALS)

An initiative that the team visited on their trip to Gumutindo was GALS (Gender Action Learning System), an empowerment programme introduced to transform and enhance gender equality economically, socially and politically, while also encouraging couples to save and invest in family projects.

Individuals use drawings and keep diaries to develop their own visions for improved livelihoods and to plan how they can move towards their goals. Husbands and wives are trained on how to set up short and long-term investment goals together to encourage good family budgeting to help improve family relationships.

GALS vision map

Vision Journey

Each member of GALS has a vision journey

Comments from the EATFAIR team

"GALS is an inspirational project which puts things in perspective. We’re helping men and women work together towards a vision through the use of simple diagram tools – something we could use in our home and work life in the UK!"
Katie Howard, Head of Marketing - Commercial